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Philip Yashinowsky is the founder of Ocean to Earth Gardens llc. He grew up in Montauk, New York, which enabled him to cultivate his passion for the ocean and the great outdoors.

From an early age Phil spent most of his time surfing, fishing and learning to grow food in his parents garden. He has dedicated himself to living a sustainable lifestyle: living off the land. 

While attending university, Phil worked on a multi-generation, organic farm in Little Compton, Rhode Island. After graduating university Philip decided to pursue a career designing and maintaining vegetable gardens for clients around the East End of Long Island; thus, leading to the formation of Ocean to Earth Gardens. 

He recently joined the Peconic Land Trust, a nonprofit organization working to conserve working farms and natural lands, where he farms one acre using organic practices.


We always look to encourage people to grow their own food and eat locally. Please contact us for a quote on a garden or if interested in joining our CSA! 


Philip Yashinowsky

Montauk NY 11954

​​Tel: 631-513-0783

Email: philshomegrownveggies@gmail.com

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